Michael's Nose

Thursday, 27 December 2018

“Michael Jackson. On the Wall” / Grand Palais, Paris, 2018 - 2019

After London, comes Paris for Michael Jackson. On the Wall exhibition.

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Mark Curtis, The Jackson Experiment, 2015

Mark Curtis, The Jackson Experiment, 2015 @Wallace Gallery

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Pentti Monkkonen/ Hopkinson Mossman/ Auckland, 2017

5 Michael Jackson Blvd, 2017acrylic on fibreglass, spray paint, wood, enamel, steel, resin
180 x 105 x 28 cm

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Pentti Monkkonen on MJ

1 - 3 Michael Jackson Road series, 2015

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Johan De Moor replies to Rascar Capac

Johan De Moor takes Michael Jackson for Rascar Capac of The Seven Crystal Balls by HergĂ©. Sadly, this is the only way Michael meets superstar Tintin and his companions.