Friday, 10 July 2015

Brian Kokoska and Zack Davis - Fatal Dad,

Valium Vallory (Grape Crush), 2015

Fatal Dad is a two-person exhibition featuring a new installation of works by Brian Kokoska with sculptures by Zack Davis. For this presentation, Kokoska has altered the gallery in shades of baby purple and incorporated Davis’ sensitive, achromic sculptures that are both bodily and diagrammatic in their exploration of space and form. Davis’ works press into the carpeted floor surrounded by purple, a non-spectral color that demands psychophysical efforts in the human brain to differentiate from violet. Kokoska’s new paintings and installation are also based in purple, violet and black. The works explore sensibilities of the post-human image and uncanny valley, often demonstrating a language of their own through reoccurring ritualistic text, numbers and symbols. Simplified iconography such as stars, flowers, teardrops and spiderwebs perpetuate the allusive and gestural faces found in Kokoska’s painting and sculpture. Spiderwebs also appear in Davis’ work, in this case literally captured by the artist. 

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